The Benefits of Dressing Well

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Off we go for another week of practicing, jamming, and playing excellent shows on Wednesday night at Vangellis.

I’ve been watching many many videos of the Beatles over the past four months and I’ve noticed that they always dress extremely well.  Of course their early days were dominated by the suits that Brian Epstein wanted them to wear, but that idea seemed to carry on throughout their careers.  Now its one thing to dress neat on stage or in a movie appearance, but the boys dress nicely all the time.  Interviews on the street, at the studio, and anywhere else they went they decided to dress their best.

ArmsUp has been thinking of getting suits similar to those that The Beatles wore but for now we’ll continue dressing our best without suits.
That’s all I’ve got for now…come to Vangellis tomorrow night.


p.s. Don’t forget to wear your suite


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