Storming the Stage

At these Vangelis shows we play 2 sets. The first one is a tight and focused, and the second is a little looser. Both are fun, but typically the second set is slightly more so. We’ve played already, we’ve drank already, and we’ve watched some funny people on stage.

Well last Wednesday we were called back to do an encore. Having played all of our songs we decided to play New Love Old Ghosts again. But before we even had a chance to agree on the song there were 7 happy people on stage waiting to sing along with us.

It got even better when our good friend Del the Piano Man showed up and was our personal Flava Flav. Hyping up and dancing up a storm as I sang alternate lyrics to New Love which consisted mainly of “The crazy mothaphucka wit the toque on, the crazy mothaphucka wit the toque on.”

Needless to say it t’was a grand time indeed. Some of our friends took some video but unfortunately it was slightly garbled.

So come down this Wednesday, bring your good camera phone, drink your fill, then storm the stage and we’ll have some fun YouTube antics to share.

Oh.. and U2 pulled the bait and switch. “Get Your Boots” is the shittiest song, the rest are purdy good!

Take it easy friends.



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