Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Yesterday (Thursday) I woke up late (a product of playing late on Wednesday night) and then had to rush off to work so I posted nothing.  Usually when I do that Voyno does a great job of catching my slip and posting something interesting…He was up late on Wednesday too so he didn’t get around to it.


Vangellis was great this time!  The comics were hillarious and a couple of new ones came out.  We played our new songs, both of which are getting pretty cool.  We have also confirmed playing through March so there are plenty of chances for us to meet on a dark and stormy night mon cheris.

So I’m going to review something I’ve never tried though I’m excited to get to it.  The entire line of reeses ice cream treats.

mmmmm ya

mmmmm ya

 I was walking home yesterday and I discovered a wrapper from a reeses ice cream bar, upon some further research on the interweb I found they have ice cream, ice cream bars, tiny frozen bits, and Klondike bars make a reeses version.  I see sun out today so maybe its only minus 10 which means I’m going to get me one of these. 



p.s. Reeses socks??? Great idea for the fancy sock entusiast


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  1. Ice cream and Reese’s = good idea. Feet and Reese’s = not good, unless you have a foot fetish in which case “pbbblllth.”

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