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Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Its Family Day!  Well its Family Day here in Saskatchewan, President’s Day in the States and I think all of the other provinces in Canada have different names for this long weekend but one way or another people don’t have to work which is awesome.

On to the news of the band:
1. Wednesday Nights at Vangellis.  The comedy is good, we are good and we’ve been pushing ourselves to write new songs every week.  Come out to hear us this Wed at 8:30 we’ll have a new song for this week and our new song from last week (its only been in the fridge for a couple days over expiration)

2. On Saturday Heavy began recording demos for our upcoming singles.  New Love Old Ghosts (not Goats) and Spanish Banks are starting their journey to becoming great songs in the likeness of Vampire Campfire and our demoing capabilities are so much more refined since Heavy picked up a mixing board and Hoover has lent us some mikes.

3.  The email list is looking for new emails to satiate its desire for connectedness.  So if you are interested in in-depth ArmsUp News, chances to get songs and pictures before anyone else or just hear some ridiculous jokes ala Handy…CLIKE HIER (its on the left side under ‘sounds like’)

4. This just in (literally, I actually added this after the post was made so its fresh as daisies).  Check out Suburban Vampire blog and check out the awesome Music Monday song they have…its about Vampires and its good.

That’s all I’ve got today…Oooooo its snowing!!!


p.s.Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur.


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