Studio Openings

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Its Friday which is nice for all of us that have to work or school.  Now we can look forward to the fresh relaxation of the weekend and gather together with our friends for some fun.

Last night the band went to a studio opening.  Tanda studios in Saskatoon are now officially opened!  We had done some work there while the studio was really just an empty warehouse and now…The space is amazing!  It was a true atmospheric experience just to enter it, I can imagine recording something would be quite a treat.

The whole idea of studio openings and record releases is where I get a bit put off though.  Its not just this particular opening, that’s for sure, its all of the different ones I’ve been to lately.  I guess they need to happen to celebrate the great things that have gone on and the time that has been put into making this studio a real thing but in Saskatoon it seems like we’re trying way too hard.  Everything is there like you would imagine it in the movies.  Booze, people jamming, people running around trying to jockey their way onto an upcoming performance or get a band to play for their label.  But for me I can’t believe it all.  This is only Saskatoon, we all know who the other people are, and it comes across as trying too hard.


p.s.An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.


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