Some Quick News

Good day ya’ll,

To keep you in the loop I’ll quickly go through some fantastically awesome great news about the band and what we’ve been up to.  Some of it is oldish some of it happened only last night.

Vampire Campfire is taking off like a rocket.  Podcasts, radio shows, blog reviews are all part of the action.  People like the song and it’s play counts are revealing that to us every day.  Now all we have to do is figure out what will be the next thing to record…New Love? Spanish Banks?  Maybe even a newer song.

Wednesday night we’re back at Vangellis so mark it on your calendar.  Take Thursday off if you feel like you need to.  I will admit that we don’t play too late so you could still make it to work no problem.  We’re practiced up, and we’ve honed the set to a razor sharp edge so it promises to be great.

Last night amidst practicing for the show we discovered some crazy youtube videos,  the T chord, and the theme from Taxi.  None of these has anything to do with what we were practicing but that’s how it goes.  The way of the road boys its the way of the road.


P.s. The Tea chord requires a deft touch and some earl grey.


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