Taking a Compliment

The second lesson will be in humility.

So I was raised a Catholic. Like that has anything to do with it, and yet it does. Always sin. Always wrong, always “so sorry, so sorry.”

A Canadian Catholic is pretty much the most humble thing in the world. They can’t take the slightest compliment.

You guys sounded great.

Oh, well, the sound was off in the third song. The vocals were off in the fifth. The bass was too loud. I couldn’t hear Heavy’s guitar. Snowdove and Handy were fighting for the rhythm.

Oh SHUTUP. Gawd. Just understand that I liked what you gave out.

We’re not talking about technical mumbo jumbo, we’re talking about feeling. Real, honest to god feeling.

The second lesson will be in humility.

That’s not to say there can’t be an improvement. There is always room for that. But what I’m talking about is the ability to connect to a person. Any person. Play a Doors cover. You remind me of Morrison. Wow

Have you ever watched Paul McCartney live? Really watched him. He picked someone and connected. In the first set at Vangelis I did not do that. I was tight. Worried about the look, the sound, the feel. That chokes bands. The best bands simply lay it out. The second set we layed it out. I don’t think it was our best set but hawt dayum it was fun. Heavy, Snowdove, Handy and I layed it out. We fucked with it. We messed around. We had fun. That’s the best part, having fun.

I can take a compliment. Thank you for coming, thank you for listening. We’ll see you next week. Every Wednesday actually, and then there are plans that are faaaar bigger then most Saskatoon Bands have realized. Different, not better or worse, just different. We’re ready, we’re willing. We’re working on the songs, always the songs.

The WALKMEN make grown men cry. My hearts in the strangest place. Good luck with your trip Dennis!

Love love L O V E


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