The Band Dynamic

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Before I forget, tonight is our first time playing at “Refuse To Sit Down”.  I’ve mentioned it before, but this is our Wednight position at Vangellis (Tavern, Pub, Saloon???) for the month of Feb.  Now that doesn’t mean you should put off coming until next week by any means.  Tonight we’re going to rickity rockety through some great old songs and show off a few of our new jams! Be there.

Now for the meat and potatoes of this blog.  

Creating The Band Dynamic feeling within your band.  A feeling and atmosphere in which each member is getting what they want and by doing so is contributing to the group’s musical creations. 

The Band Dynamic is really a simple theory, though it is something that many young (at the beginning of their lives, not age) bands struggle with.  Is your singer a fantastic vocalist and wants to sing all the time while your guitarist has great chops and wants to solo all the time?  Do your bass player and drummer work together to create a groove?  Is there one member who just doesn’t get to do anything though they wish they could?  All of these are situations that take away from The Band Dynamic.

An example of a great band with an awesome Band Dynamic is Led Zeppelin.  They have a guitarist from another world.  They have a drummer with some of the best skills around.  They have a bass player who can rock the socks off everyone.  They have a singer who is fantastic.  But they know their roles.  Plant sings his lyrics, Page takes his solo, Jones and Bonham lay down a groove so low you can hear the plants grow and they still take time to add some tasty additions.  This is a band with The Band Dynamic.


p.s. page 47 is generally the most interesting page of every book


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