Vampire Processes 1:25 + 1:59

Good day,

The first lesson will be in patience.

You may or may have not noticed, but a few months ago we went through some personnel changes. Mark, our good natured second guitarist, departed. We love him and he loves us, but sometimes life gets in the way and we have to make choices that are neither bad nor good, and just are.

So it goes.

The first lesson will be in patience.

This year for New Years, Heavy and I stayed in, had a bottle of port, and did other mainly heterosexual things. One of them was planning the next years gigs, tours, recording sessions, and other mainly homosexual things. We planned to such a degree, that we not only had a monthly plan, but we’d decided to put in a weekly plan! Wow. I know.

Now with the future upon us, many of those plans are unfolding. In January we wanted to have our 3P nearing completion, Vampire Campfire mixed, our online merch store established, and in addition have a few shows lined up for February.

We dropped the ball on the Merch, and our 3P is nearing completion but probably not as far along as we should have it. But Vampire is mixed! I’m very happy with it. It had a long and interesting journey and who knows we may take a hack saw to a part or two, but I am happy with it. It feels like another step for the band…and really that’s what it’s all about.

I like playing live, and I very much enjoy the processes of being in a band, but what I really love is creating new music with my friends. That moment when the world falls away and you can drift on music. It’s vibes of truth, beauty, fragility, and authenticity. When we hit those points, that’s what I enjoy. It happens in Vampire twice

  1. At 1:25 in the song, the chorus just finishes and Snowdove comes in with a killer piano line. Close your eyes and listen to his touch.
  2. At 1:59 it’s the climax that you felt, it’s the fuzz, the fuzz is coming. I see you in the night

Ohhh yes. The first lesson will be in patience.

New Pics!



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