Friday Review: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Happy Friday!

Time to relax, and enjoy the weekend for all it is worth.  We’ll be finishing up the final touches on Vampire Campfire which sounds absolutely amazing right now, me being a might bit biased.  Check out some live music in your area, or maybe a new movie.

The people that know me know that I love Peanut Butter Cups through and through.  Hoover likes to make fun of me for my extreme love, and Heavy has pointed it out on numerous occasions.  One can tell a PBC lover by the fact that by buying one, you are missing out on so much that a regular chocolate bar has and yet you just don’t seem to mind.

The problem being the medium for the chocolate covered peanut butter.  In cup form you are limited to three (four in bonus packs!) thin layers of chocolate with the delicious filling inside.  I’ve often imagined a better format, but not being a chocolateer myself I never put much creative thought into it. 

But now they have done a great thing!  A chocolate bar in the style of Caramilk, or Aero but with Reese’s delicious chocolate and peanut butter combined!!!  It’s more (I wasn’t used to eating so much that I almost couldn’t) chocolate around the filling and more filling to enjoy.

So go down to the ol confectionary and pick one up before the limited edition ends…I hope that dark day never comes.


p.s.”Underground” is the only word in the English language that begins and ends with the letters “und.”


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