Record Shopping

Bonjourno my friends,

A little late here, but better late than never they say.  I hope everyone is having a great week and has kept in mind that the weekend is so close at hand.  Today I want to regale you with a story of my weekend shopping trip to the record shoppe.  It went well in the end but read read read and you shall find out the pitfalls of my adventures.

First is my discovery.  I found a wonderful 50th anniversary Kind of Blue set, unfortunately it was $120 which is just too much money for me to be spending on a record I’ve heard 8 million times.

Secondly are my purchases.  Simon and Garfunkel Concert in the Park, and the entire collection of Chopin’s nocturnes.  It has to be said again and again.  Classical music is so damn cheep to buy on vinyl.  8 bucks for three records of great music.

Now for the terrible downfall of my trip, though I have convinced myself that I was the victor.  While searching through the Simon and Garfunkel records I discovered the aforementioned Concert in the Park and decided that I should like to own it and a warm fuzzy feeling grew in my heart.  It was quickly and ruthlessly dashed by the comment of my neighboring shopper.

“You don’t have that record?  I had it when I was in grade 10” came his snarky voice through my elation.

“Well I’m just as impressed with you as I was before you spoke…Congratulations”  was the best that I could come up with but it worked for the situation.

I’ll rant on beginners and jackasses in a future post but for now enjoy life and the closeness of the weekend.


p.s. The word “set” has more definitions than any other word in the English language.


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