The Genre Connection

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The Rock Genre

The Rock Genre

Today we have to talk about the new genre name.  To put the situation in a nutshell the band has decided that to purposefully market ourselves we need create a name for OUR sound.  Three months ago or more we would have, and did, tack two bands together to describe our sound.  We called our music something like “Weezer suckerpunching the Pixies” and to be quite honest we had elements of both bands in a situation much like that.  The idea came from Nirvana mainly who made similar claims in an attempt to name their sound.

The problem that we found with combining bands is that we are influenced by many different bands and the listener might not even hear any of those bands in our music.  For instance we all love the Beatles (if you hadn’t noticed) yet our music doesn’t sound anything like them.  So we have decided to create a name for our genre.  Just like Rock and Roll took its name from the very depths of AfroAmerican blues (Rocking meant to shake up and cause trouble) and Grunge came from the idea of the music being dirty and against the rock culture we now need a name that will give the listener something to connect to.

Ideas are welcome.


p.s.  Ingrown toenails are hereditary.


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  1. How bout Snicklefritz?

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