Games of the Past

Hey hey ya’ll,

 I’m hoping that next week we might get Heavy to write up a review blog about some iphone apps he might have.  Since I don’t have an iphone myself I guess I’m going to have to talk ipods.

Last week while I was shopping round the itunes store I decided to take a look through the games section.  For the most part the games aren’t really that good.  I like my ipod to be a music carying device rather than cluttered up with games, movies and pictures.  But since I have a whole bunch more space I thought I might indulge in one game if I could find something cooler than cards.

Luckily for me I found a game I played when computers were still a silly toy that only a few people owned.  The Indiana Jones style Lode Runner.  Essentially you are a treasure hunter placed in some diabolical puzzles with strange robots trying to keep you away from the treasure.  Ladders, gold, robots, digging holes to trap robots and get to the hidden treasure.  Its a good game if ever there was one.

So on the ipod…the game lacks immesurably.

1.  The controls are impossible to get a hold of.  Touch one side of the click wheel and you move that way.  Click that side and you dig a hole and then since your finger is still on the wheel you end up falling into your own hole.  I’m still struggling a week after starting.

2.  The music can’t be changed.  I’ve got 12GB of music on my ipod and I have to listen to the awful synth video game music over and over.

So don’t waste your money…and enjoy this


p.s. The dot over the letter ‘i’ is called a tittle.


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