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Hey hey everyone,

Well I’m excited right now.  Very excited indeed.  Coming out of my headphones is the updated, new and improved Vampire Campfire.  It is in it’s first mix so don’t expect it to come to you anytime soon.  We’re picky when it comes to our music and that means things will get re-done and you will be assured of its perfection.

So last week we went to the studio to finish up Vampire and I talked about vocals.  I noticed while we were in there that our vocals have improved tenfold.  It was only a month before that we were struggling to sing harmonies and gang vocals behind Midnight Choirs and now we’re just sailing along.

Tomorrow we have a practice at Vangelli’s where we will be performing every Wednesday in February.  I will keep ya’ll posted  but I think showtime is at 8 or 8:30 every Wed with comedy acts in between ArmsUp sets.  We’ve got a couple of new songs that have been worked out and we’d love your opinion on them.

The weather is hopefully going to get warmer this week, though I think the political weather is going to get quite fridgid with the ol’ budget speach coming out tomorrow.  Money or no, the music will go on.


p.s. The symbol on the “pound” key (#) is called an octothorpe.


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