Train Car Hopping

We’ve been writing a lot of new songs in our cozy jam space. It has many christmas lights pinned around posters of our favourite artists. The Beatles, Hendrix, Zeppelin, they’re all there, but the one that is missing is Woody Guthrie.

Woody was the most popular train car hopper in all the land. He inspired Dylan to get writing and lately he’s been seeping into our writing. Lyrics about destiny, fate, risk and rewards are all shining through in these new songs. At least one of those songs will be premiered at our shows that are coming up in February. If your in the area stop by.

Although the winter is still in full swing, I can’t help but feel that spring time is just around the corner and with it comes new beginnings and an ARMSUP tour. We’re getting ready to head out in May. Western Canada, maybe California, maybe.

Either way Train Car Hopping is in the air and Woody Guthrie is pushing us on. Oh Random Sunday thoughts how I appreciate thee.

Until next time friends,


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