Friday Review: The BeeGees?

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

The temperature has dropped again and the wind is back, friendly messages from the weather that winter is still a force to be reckoned with.  A couple of things before we get into the main section here.  If you are in Saskatoon this weekend Friday night at Louis’ Pub there will be a fantastic showing of Saskatoon and Regina bands.  Saturday at Amigos the Sheepdogs and keeping it in the family, The Keepers will be playing a rockin show.

But here we go on some review shtuff.  Voyno was amazed and appalled at what I’m about to share with ya’ll.  It goes with the vocal harmonies I was pushing a couple of days ago and it blew my mind to find out about the other side of a band I thought I’d never like…

The Bee Gees.  Now I thought I would never like the disco boys because of their terribly high fallsettos (fallsetti?) and ridiculously soulless music.  But I was digging through some records and I found a greatest hits album from the late 60s.  I wondered what they were doing before disco?  How could this all fit in together?  

Like magic.  

So much actual soul is in this music that I couldn’t believe it was the same band.


p.s.Almonds are members of the Peach family 


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