The Quality Intensifier

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Back for another week I see, hopefuly you are all in fine form to make some money or learn some learnins.  I know I’m feeling much more rested than I have been in the past few weeks.

As part of ArmsUp’s musical evolution or proccess of maturing we’ve been hard at work practicing up our skills.  Each of us is at home on our instruments so where have we been focusing our attention?  The great quality Intesifier…Vocals.

Vocals are the one thing that many good bands lack.  I know that I’ve noticed groups from around Saskatoon who have added vocal harmonies, backgrounds, or just doubled up some singing lines and voila a great band has formed.  With that in mind ArmsUp has begun practicing singing, and combing through all of our songs in search of spots that we might be able to add some extra singing.

Here are two examples of some fantastic singing.  The Beatles of course have the whole singing thing in the bag and did right from the get go.


p.s. The longest one-syllable word in the English language is “screeched.”


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  1. be nice.

    Where did my baby go?


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