Hoop Dreams?

Hello all,

It’s been a beautiful couple of days here in Saskatoon and people are finally coming out of hibernation and actually leaving their homes. Voyno and I did the same and made it out to two local shows this weekend. On Friday at Amigos Cantina we caught Jen Lane and Smokekiller and on Saturday we saw The Rebellion and Volcanoless in Canada at Louis Pub. They were both great shows and it reaffirms my belief that Saskatoon does in fact have a very strong and diverse music scene.

In our spare time, Voyno and I have also been playing on a rec basketball team. I’m sure that you will all be pleased to know that because of our contribution to the team, we are now officially in last place! I shouldn’t discount Voyno’s contribution to the team however; a few weeks ago he scored a very significant 27 points. It is also interesting to note that Ewin from the Sheepdogs is also playing in our league. It’s always nice to see some familiar faces.

ArmsUp will be back in the studio in the next few days recording Vampire Campfire and putting some finishing touches on Midnight Choirs. You can expect these songs as well as Anna Please to be released in the next couple of months on our first 3P.

Talk to all again soon.



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  1. Oh yes, winter on the prairies is a bleak affair. I remember many a Lethbridge winter filled with poorly attended shows, and desolate community activities. It’s not surprising suicides go up during these chilly months.

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