Friday Review: Record Collections

Howdy Hi yall,

The front page story in the paper today is about ‘Canada’s Ice Age’ and yet we’ve gone into the possitive temperatures today.  In fact I was considering a trip to the lake in this balmy 1 degree weather, maybe punch a hole in the ice and go for a swim.

The front page story on the blog today is a record collection review.  Not really any collection in particular but collections in general.  A while back Hoover posted a blog about Record Sales  which goes to show that vinyl is not a dead item.  So collections of records are something to be envied.  Its like having an original StarWars figurine that has never come out of the package in a much more useable, and cool format.  I know that I was always in awe of some friend whos dad had a massive collection of old rock records or that kid who actually had their own collection.  It seemed like the recordings were so much more real.  This was the original format, this is what people listened to when this first came out.  This is the organic original and only way to listen to music.

But how can we rate a collection.  Size is one factor…(that’s what she said).  Having more records means a more varied style.  Handy actually has somewhere around 400 records!  It has come to the point that if you are listening to anything pre-1980 he can say “I have that on vinyl”.

Another factor is the albums that you have.  Is it a hodge podge of any music around and you listen to maybe three of them?  Or do you have records that connect to you, make you want to listen to them over and over again?  If that is the case the size might not be such a big item for you.

My collection right now is anything but enviable.  I have the hodge podge, its pretty small but I have the gems.  They are the tiny seeds you will plant and eventually expand into a well rounded, awesome collection.  Keep at it kids and we can bring back the album and its deliciously organic feel.


p.s. 12 Beethoven piano sonatas-20 to go



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2 responses to “Friday Review: Record Collections

  1. Ah yes, a few gems here and there is a good way to start a collection. Even buying an album you’d buy anyway on CD for the free MP3 download is a pretty nice deal for the enlarged cover art.

  2. So, how many records out of five did you give the record collection?

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