Minor Restructuring

Good day,

we were practicing last night and decided to take a wrench to Midnight Choirs.

It’s a great song but something has been lost in the recording process. Instead of canning the whole project we realized we need to re-record a few instruments and it will make the song sound more like ARMSUP. So what does that mean for the release date? …. not much. The record is still on track for a late February or early March release.

Speaking of February, it looks like we will have a standing invitation at Vangellis Tavern on Broadway for that month. Our friends, whom used to live next door, are organizing a comedy show every Wednesday night (think Chappelle Show) and we’ll be their musical guest/backing band.  Sounds interesting and hilarious.

So that’s where that stuff stands. Also what do you think about the Hofner bass (up top)? I think I want one, it’s fairly iconic, but I like it. If anyone has any hot leads on a good quality Hoftner or a Rickenbacker (the only other bass Paul played) let me know.

Also have you checked out Heavy’s blog recently? It’s dope, as is The New Rockstar Philosophy. All very good stuff and all very Beatles focused. We’ve just got their Anthology DVD collection back and have been devouring it at an alarming rate.

All is well.

Breath a sigh of relief sister.

post script: I am getting a haircut today.


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