The Keyboard Of My Dreams

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

I think it has finally stopped snowing.  There is so much of the white stuff on the ground but we can rest a bit easier knowing that no more is falling as we speak.  Oh great!  The weather says 0% chance of precipitation today.

Last night we were jamming which I generally prefer over practicing any time but something was wrong last night.  At first I thought it was because I was tired but let’s be reasonable, it doesn’t take a whole lot of energy to push some keys down.  Wait, pushing these keys down is different!

Last week, while getting ready for the shows I rented a new keyboard.  Now I’ve heard some people say that it shouldn’t matter what instrument you play, your skill is what makes the instrument sound as it does.  I completely dissagree with that.  Your skill is important but when you are playing on a keyboard that came out of a cereal box chances are that you are missing a few things (tone, volume control, sustain, realistic voicings).

So my dream keyboard right now is the one that I had last week.  The Yamaha cp300
 It has all that I want (check previous brackets) and so much more.  The only problem with this monster is it’s sheer size.  It weighs two or three tonnes so I’m gonna header to the gym for a while.


p.s. let’s all go to Disney Land


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