Wowsers it snowed!

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

So it snowed on Sunday.  It snowed on Monday, and it is still snowing today!  There is so much snow I’m not sure what to do.  It would be wonderfuly nice to stay inside all day, read a book and enjoy some quality SnowDove time but school calls, and we’re jamming tonight.

I want to finish this up with a quick lesson on Tea.  ArmsUp loves tea.  I drink it every day, Voyno probably every two hours, and the entire band usualy has a mug or two while jamming.  We need to drink something hot or we’ll all die in this frigid weather.  But I am a ‘Tea snob’ as I was told last night.  I claimed that anything that wasn’t made with actual Tea plant in it was not in fact tea at all.  After some quick searching I found that I was right (its nice when that happens).  It’s gotta have tea plant to be tea otherwise its just tisane.


p.s. Happy birthday mom


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  1. All I can say is that I’d like to enjoy some quality SnowDove time.

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