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Whew…that was a weekend alright.

I hope ya’ll are o.k. and ready for another week of work, school, or freeloading, whatever it is you do with your business time.  I honestly feel more tired from the weekend than rested but that is because I started it early and went hard the entire time.

Last week we played and played and played.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were practices with a rented keyboard that I’m seriously looking to buy eventually.  Then on both Thursday and Friday we played shows that I felt really showed our practiced chops.  Things can always improve but our togetherness is so good right now.

Away from the stage we went back into the studio with Josh on Saturday and put down another track.  With all of this busy body work we really didn’t have time to sleep but that’s the life we lead.

Man I love April Wine


p.s. I’m uniblue today



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2 responses to “ArmsUp News

  1. That sounds like a good weekend. And now the snow rolls in to incubate you until we are ready to jam again.

  2. Pat Pattison

    Don’t forget to tell everyone how nice your dad was for taking back that freeking grand piano to the rental shop.

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