Friday Review: Bond, Not Us

Howdy Hi ya’ll,

So last night’s show was a blast.  Some great musicianship was heard from every band that went on stage.   We ourselves played well (practice helps out) and enjoyed all of you that came to hear us and cheer for your favorite songs.  If you didn’t make it last night then make sure to hit up Amigos tonight.  If you did see us and can’t get enough ArmsUp then come check out some more music.

But I can’t review our concert last night without being highly pretentious so I thought I’d review the book that has taken ArmsUp by storm.  Can’t Buy Me Love
 I’ve read it, Heavy is in the process of reading it and Voyno really wants to read it.

First off Jonathan Gould has done his research and he writes like a true scholar.  This isn’t your usual garbage about rock and roll that doesn’t have to be so perfect because rock isn’t.  He put lots of work into this and the quality shows.

Second good thing is his connections of the Beatle’s phenomenon with the political and social aspects of both Britain and The United States.  An example of this is that as the U.S. was mourning the death of Kennedy the Beatles offered a friendly, happy alternative to the negative atmosphere and as such blew up in America.  There are many others but read the book and you’ll find out.

I wasn’t a fan of his musical annalysis.  He obviously knows chords and the like but has had to dumb it down for the average reader.  As such I’m stuck on the outside by knowing more theory than he presents.  I’m sure that those of you without any musical knowledge would feel the same as I do in this case as well.

This scene from A Hard Day’s Night is supposed to, according to Gould, be the crown jewel of the movie because its so improvised.


p.s. Its a trap!



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2 responses to “Friday Review: Bond, Not Us

  1. Great show last night boys. I thought you guys sounded particularly tight – looking forward to the Amigos show in a couple hours!

  2. amyisanahole

    tight is good.

    matty…. you are tight.

    ya know?


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