Howdy ya’ll,

So after weeks of preperation we are ready to show anyone round town just how rocking we’ve become over the past couple of months.  Amidst the hectic schedules of school, work and the holidays we have triumphed over lethargy and its evil counterparts.

So some might notice that I’m reading The Fellowship of the Ring right now and my writting takes a certain flair for the Tolkienesque gradiose.  What I’m trying to say, without setting down a song that goes on for three pages (has anyone who has read Lord of the Rings actually taken the time to read through those?) is that we perform very soon.

Thursday 8 January 2009 (That is today) ArmsUp at Lydias with loads of other great bands in a benefit concert for children’s aid projects in Palestine (Project Hope) and Nepal (VEC).  So come out, drink some, enjoy good music and help children the most innocent of us all.

Friday 9 January 2009 (That is tomorrow)  Rylan and the Pistolwhips whose myspace I just cannot find will be rocking some socks and then we take the stage for some great music.   If you can’t make it out on such short notice tonight then be sure to cancel your Friday plans and schedule a date with us.  We promise to bring some great music.


p.s. Figure out how to open doors people or I’m going to snap


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