Back To School

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Well, I’m back. Finally. And up before Voyno today which is a good thing. I was forced to get up this morning so that I can go to school but I always have a hard time getting up in the Winter. The Summer too but that’s not the point.

I hope ya’ll checked out Midnight Choirs on the Myspace its GRRReat as Tony would say. To the meat & potatoes now then.

Everyone that has read this blog in the past two weeks has probably seen pictures of freezing Saskatoon and heard each of us complain so damn much about the ridiculously cold winter weather we’re having. Well today I wanted to rant and rave about those strange people in this city of terrible weather who either wear way to many jackets, scarves, toques etc. or too few of these necessary accessories.

1. The bundlers. These fools pop up after the first snow when the weather is only just dipping into the negatives bundled in a down filled jacket, ski pants, hood, toque and scarves as if they are never going to make it to the next homestead in the blizzard. They must sweat up a storm under all of those clothes and what do they do when the weather actually drops down?

2. The underdressers. Everyone in S’toon knows that its going to be cold for some period of time. Sometimes we luck out and have a mild winter where the temperature only goes down to -25 or so and others its a nice -40. So knowing this I would expect most people to go out and buy a jacket of warmth, mitts, hat etc. But I always see some jackass coming in from outside in a hoody complaining about ‘how cold it is out there’…Put on a jacket jackass.


p.s. I’m so tired, I haven’t slept a wink


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