Happy New Year! it’s ARMSUP!

Stay focused!

Greetings and Salutations,

today is New Years Eve!!!! the year has puffed by.

2008 has been fun for us. We came a long way, got in some fights, lost some members, nearly broke up, then got it together again, and are rolling like a freight train coming for you.

2009 will be our best year yet.

We jammed the other day and it reminded me of why we started playing music in the first place. IT IS FUN!!!! When Snowdove, Heavy, Handy and I are in a room together we break it down like gangbusters.maaafaaaaa.

Tell your friends we’re taking over!


peace, love, and happiness


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One response to “Happy New Year! it’s ARMSUP!

  1. amyisanahole

    so I saw you guys on TV last night.
    looks like you ARE taking over….
    good show.
    the sound wasn’t great thanks to shaw cable but you guys still rock&roll.
    I’m looking forward to the continued evolution of armsup.

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