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Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

A new week begins and with it the year ends.  A new year ends and with it ArmsUp becomes the biggest band around.  I feel it.  Do you?

News for the week then right oh.

1. We hit up the studio with our rebellious leader Josh Palmer and put Midnight to the mixing board.  Wow it sounds good and YOU can hear it on the Myspace.  Go listen now.  GO!

2.  With all of the X-mas celebrations we’ve been busy not being a band.  Its nice to have a break but I think all of us are beginning to feel the urge to jam growing in our hearts.

3.  A new song also started its furtive journey into the world this week.  An interesting event had Voyno, Heavy and myself working on it.  I’m ready for it to be finished so that all ya’ll can hears it and tell me what you think.


p.s. 500 pieces means 500 float.  1000 people means 500 don’t


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