Time time time

Welly welly welly welly everyone,

How went your day of yester? Mine was quite enjoyable though fleeting at best.  I notice that it is Friday today…who knew in this hectic season of rush rush rush.

Review for today is Christmas itself.  I won’t get into the fact that Christmas has gone from a season of peace, love and happiness, giving to those who need it and sharing great times with family to that of the season where stores can sell more crap, people get incredibly cranky and families are forced to see each other for another year.

My thoughts are with the whole build up to the day.  Some time post Thanksgiving (and in Canada that is a whole month earlier than the U.S.) the Christmas decorations start flying up.  There isn’t even snow on the ground and we’re being forced to think about presents and budgets for the holiday season.  Then as December trundles along we start slowing down in work and school looking forward to the bid day.  Trees go up, presents get wrapped and parties are everywhere.

Then in a short 24 hours its all over.  Boxing day is upon us, work not far behind and the storm is rushing about again.  If only that tiny epicenter could last for an entire week.

Get your Christmas nerd on my children


p.s. if anyone needs a sweater I got 30 or so yesterday


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