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Howdy hi ya’ll,

Dove & Heavy recording Vampire Campfire

Dove & Heavy recording Vampire Campfire

So we had a great week with lots of stuff to report and its still going for the next couple of weeks.

1.  We finally made it into the studio for Midnight Choirs.  Some great times were had as usual and we got some great pics from the session.  The song is now on our ipods (Handy’s turntable or tape deck) and we are listening for mistakes and mixing stuffs.

2.  Today we’re recording a new years segment for Shaw tv.  We’ve been practicing (Notice I say practicing and not Jamming) so very hard for this one.  There will be some great times on this for sure.

3.  Other than that I went back to my childhood on Saturday for my piano teacher’s 5oth wedding anniversary, Handy got sick for maybe the first time since I’ve known him and Voyno and Heavy spent all day yesterday changing Voyno’s tire in the freezing cold.

Christmas is right upon us so be merry and generous to everyone you meet.


p.s.  free taco time is the best taco time


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