Friday Review

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

So we’re having another snowy day in Saskatoon, though this snow is nice and makes Christmas seem that much closer.  I’m going to have to pump this blog out quick because I’ve got to jet off to work and keep people from drowning.

Today the review is on…

Skinny Jeans  Ohhhh yaaa.  Last night we were in the studio recording Midnight Choirs as I’m sure ya’ll have read about in this blog.  The session went well and the song is on its way.

Now where do skinny jeans fit into all of this???  I shall tell you.  This New Years on Shaw Cable in Saskatoon and the surrounding area you might see 3 devilishly handsome (and another with a moustache) men counting down the seconds untill it is 2009!

SnowDove, you still haven’t told us how skinny jeans fit into this.  Ah yes.  The skinny jeans are in preperation for the New Years Show and last night we had ourselves a dress rehearsal.  Myself in some damn skinny jeans.

So to review the jeans.  They are skinny.


p.s. WNION


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