What To Cover

Hi hi hi oh my brothers and sisters,

The week is almost done, the hollidays are fast approaching, and right behind them is the new year.  I’m looking forward to all of that fun stuff but I’m looking with even more anticipation at doing some covers with ArmsUp.

I’m not sure if anyone really knows what happens behind the scenes with bands.  We all get to see the end product on stage or hear the polished finish on a recording but there is a whole lot more to it all than just playing music.  Picking a cover to do is absolutely ridiculously hard to do.  We spent, not a word of lie, 2 and a half hours last night trying to figure out 3 covers to do.

The problem really surfaces when you ask yourself “why are we doing this cover?”  Handy made a great point last night.  He said that we’re doing the cover because we like the song and think we can do it as well if not better than the original.  But Voyno and I argue that covers are gateways to your music.  Cover songs draw people who haven’t heard your music into the trap.  They hear something that they know, they listen to it and decide if its good or not, if they like it then they will probably stick around to listen to a bit more of what you are doing.

With both of those goals in mind we chose some covers last night.  I’m not going to tell you which ones they are untill they are solidified in the set and ready to go but if anyone has any ideas for some great covers then we’ll gladly think about them.


p.s. newspaper taxis appear on the shore


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