ArmsUp on a Roll

Hi hi hi oh my brothers and sisters,

Eh get it.  Its a roll

Eh get it. Its a roll

So last night we put in a solid three hour jam.  The demo of Midnight took another turn and this one is in a crazy but oh so right direction.  I noticed last night that since this cold has set in the band has been on a serious creative roll.  Not only do we work for long periods of time but we’re pumping out some killer sounds, songs and ideas.

But away from ArmsUp.  Tonight is my debut as a band director.  No longer will my rents go to concerts to see me play in the band at school.  Now they go to see me conduct the band at school its a changing world out there as time flies by.

This isn’t even a video but the song was on my turntable & it is great.


p.s. will you still send me a valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine?


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One response to “ArmsUp on a Roll

  1. i will buy you a bottle only if you are our band director.

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