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Yowsers there were lots of you reading today,

Frozen Saskatoon

Frozen Saskatoon

So I’m back at school again today even though I’m done my actual internship.  That’s how unbelievably dedicated I am…pssssht.  Ya right.  But on to ArmsUp news and not SnowDove news.

1.  We’ve managed, as Voyno pointed out yesterday, to stay warm and toasty by jamming, practicing and staying indoors.  Tea and coffee have been important tools in keeping us alive and warm scarves and jackets as well.

2.  Last week we picked 3 covers to do and we’ve started working on them.  It might take a million years to get them ready but when they are they will be fantastique.  If anyone has any more hot suggestions the lines are now open.

3.  Coming up real soon i.e: this week, we will be recording Midnight Choirs.  The demo is done and we’re pumped for hitting up the studio.  This is a bit dancier and less crazy than we’re used to playing but its still wizard.

It honestly doesn’t seem like much but we get lots done in the week.

Make sure to check out Heavy’s Jamming Blog too.


p.s. My mom is making me go to youth group…totally losing street cred


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