Hot Rocking Heat?!

Hello friends,

The band is in the midst of a creative streak the likes of which we have never seen.  We are writing quality songs all the time and they keep getting better and better.  So what is the reason behind this creative outpouring?

I think it has to do with the weather.  As you can see from the great picture above, our city of Saskatoon, is in the midst of a global warming deep freeze.  It is so cold outside that cars will not start, homes will not stay warm, and just about the only thing left to do is curl up in the basement with our guitars and sing until we’re warm again.

We have been practicing for a coupla gigs in January.  We’re going to be playing a lot more in the new year.  We’ve even been talking to our friends The Rebellion about a possible American Tour to California and who knows, maybe even further.  Right about now, in this frigid death-cold, the heat of California certainly sounds nice.

We’ll see how the jams go over the next few weeks because there has been talk about putting some of our freestyle jams up on the myspace.  We’ll see, they might just be quick clips or something of that nature.  Who knows, they might even be hours in length

Any way, as I write this Snowdove is recovering from his walk to our jam space on the couch. The sun is shining (although that doesn’t help much), and we are listening to Bonobo on the stereo. It sounds like today is going to be another creative jam session.


p.s. we’re gonna need some tissues


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