Friday Review

Happy Friday ya’ll,

Well its time to give something the big ArmsUp or the big ArmsDown(our rebellious little-sister-band).

I was thinking about music gurus as Voyno wrote about yesterday and decided that I don’t have one.  The closest thing I would have to a music guru would be the itunes single of the week.  The problem with that is itunes singles are hit and MISS.  But I do have a great band to hype here that was an itune hit.

FRED is the name.  Irish rocking is the game.  The single Skyscrapers caught my attention because of its infectious danceable rhythm and great upbeat sound.  So being the curious interneter than I am I went in search of some more FRED music.  I don’t want to say much more because I hate reading people’s opinions about bands that turn out to be completely the opposite of my own.  So listen for yourself.


p.s. we’re pretty middle of the road



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2 responses to “Friday Review

  1. amyisanahole

    dude, Fred is cool. good call.
    as for itunes single of the week…. you can do better than that man.
    i am generally oblivious about most computer things and with that how to link shit to my blog but you should (if interested) randomly check out my “a record of what i listened to today” playlists if you’re looking for inspiration or simply great music.

    time for G&wee.

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