Music Guru “Helio Sequence”

Bonjour Friends,

Today I must write a quick blurb about the importance of having a personal music guru.  Someone with musical taste so far above yours that you are consistently in awe of the music they bring to you.

My friend Amy is just that.  My music guru.  She has crazy good musical tastes.  In fact I sometimes run early ArmsUp demos by her.  The band has been writing a lot lately and she’s been great at spotting the great stuff in it.

Amy has been recommending the Helio Sequence for sometime. Even though the bands she recommends are always great, I usually take my time before diving into them.  This is because she is always telling me about good new bands, and they’re all so good that I just don’t have the time to fall in love with ANOTHER great band.

Well, I finally checked out Helio Sequence and as predicted, they’re awesome and totally in the same world of music ArmsUp has been jamming lately.  Thanks Music Guru.

Check them out they may be up your alley.

Tomorrow Never Knows….



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One response to “Music Guru “Helio Sequence”

  1. amyisanahole

    thanks for the shout out.

    next stop… Film School.

    it’s a band.


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