I’m A Creep

A good day to all,

Its time for me to attack some more of the world’s problems.  I’ll give radio and its consumer based crappiness a break this week and focus my contempt on another topic.  Namely that of Facebook/Myspace creeperphobia.

I will have to openly admit that I certainly do not have Facebook because I think its a gigantic waste of energy and time.  I agree that Myspace is a similar waste of time and energy but I find that it is a great tool for bands to promote themselves, which forces me (as the resident ArmsUp Myspace guy) to use it.  But I digress from my creeper topic. 

Regardless of time and energy waste on either one, I want to ask the question “Who places themselves on the internet and then complains when some creeper interacts with them?”  I recently overheard (because I’m a creeper too) a conversation about privacy levels on Facebook.  People were complaining that ‘creepers’ they didn’t like like were like watching them and like looking at their pictures. (I’ll drop the annoying over and improperly used ‘like’ that comes with most young people for reading’s sake)  If you put up your pictures, name, interests, etc.  on the internet, guess what?  People, some of whom you might not like, will look at them.  If you are worried about privacy then stay off Facebook or just learn to deal with the creeps in the world.


p.s. I like the colour of your bedroom curtains but could you keep them opened?


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