Almost Nothing

Good day Ya’ll,

Well I’m completely uninspired today.  Not sure why either.  I’m hoping to find something to write about in the next 10 minutes or this could be the world’s shortest blog (or most boring blog).

Well…ArmsUp…loves oh right I’ve got it now children.  Scarves scarves scarves.  So as an example of ArmsUp’s fantastic taste in fashion today we’ll talk about scarves and their place in the band.  If you are a utilitarian, using things only because you need to and only for what they are for scarves suit a fantastic purpose, especially in this freaking cold weather.  That’s how this all got started.

Once upon a time there were three young gentlemen and a moustached troll.  They liked to play rock music but hated to go outside in the cold.  They found that every time they went outside their necks would freeze and they would not be able to sing the music they loved.  So to fix this they began kniting long woolen strips with beautiful patterns.  Of course we all know those strips were really scarves but these boys didn’t.  Once they had all knit their scarves they were able to go outside and not get cold necks.  The moral of the story is…Moustaches make you a troll.


p.s. the sky is blue


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