Friday Review Late Edition

Good Friday to you,

What a goofball

What a goofball

Sorry I’m late today, I was teaching band ALL morning and lunch so I’m scarfing food down, writing and getting ready to teach history all at once!

I’m going to review John Mayer in general today because he’s a strange anomaly in the world right now.  First off a quick background of my John Mayer listenings.

I was introduced to John’s music when I was in grade 11 by many of the young ladies that I hung out with.  I was a bit of an elitist and thought that they couldn’t pick good music to listen to so I gave Mayer the cold shoulder.  Of course if you want to catch the interest of the ladies it helps to understand/learn what they like.  So…I bought ‘Room for Squares’ (Ya I bought CDs back then) and…WOW!  Lots of it is cliche adult contemporary stuff but there are some killer funky blues jams that pop out in the middle of songs.  So I started listening a bit closer and investigating the man.  I found that he was educated in music and became more and more impressed with his great stuff.  ‘Continuum’ went closer to the blues and I am all for John Mayer now.

Check out this video that Hoover from New Rockstar Philosophy sent me.  It starts with the cheesy stuff that Heavy hates but at 2:49 watch out children cuz he’s gonna getcha!

Have a good weekend ya’ll




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4 responses to “Friday Review Late Edition

  1. Hmmmmm, you’ve convinced me Mayer a shot. We’ll see…..

  2. nicely done Sir. A fine blog you have here.

  3. Hey. Thanks for the comment on the VW post.
    With regard to John Mayer, if you truly like his blues leanings, check out the John Mayer Trio
    What’s sad, however, is that such a talented bluesman is forced to make his money by writing annoying pap.

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