Friday Review

Happy Friday oh my brothers,

Today got off to a shaky start I’d have to say.  I slept in (along with everyone else in my carpool), I didn’t have coffee ground so I drank tea instead, and I forgot to bring my trumpet to school (on a jazz band day of all things).  So I’m not going to write a whole lot today, just give you some great drum videos!

1. Neil Peart:

This is for Handy Andy who is in love with the man and Rush.  If you listen to any of the ArmsUpsongs you’ll hear Neil Peart drum fills for sure.

2. Tony Williams:

My favorite drummer.  He’s a bit older in this video but Tony Williams started playing with Miles Davis when he was 17!

3. John Blackwell

A more funky drummer, and as great as the rest.  I found this guy by listening to the Purple One himself. Pay close attention at about 2:50

Viddy well my brother, viddy well

SnowDove, ArmsUp


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