Radio Garbage

Hi hi hi, sorry I’m late posting this, I was teaching children about Louis Riel.

Strangely enough it seems that people are far more interested in reading my rants than they are in reading/watching a video on igloo making.  It suprises me because I am surrounded by snow for 8-9 months of the year and it makes sense to know how to survive.  Those of you who are in the southern areas, and are far warmer will question what this ‘snow’  thing is anyhow.  Well I’m back to the topic that I said I wouldn’t discuss so…

Garbage Radio!
Saskatoon has 3 ‘popular’ FM stations and CBC as well as CFCR the community radio station.  I’m not a big radio listener at all, but there are times when the ipod dies or I have to be in a car with no CD player.  Then comes the pain of listening to the crap that people are now calling radio.  I have a long list of problems that I can go on about so this theme might just recur for a while.

1. The stupid stereotypical radio voice. 
Both the advertisements for the stations and their ‘djs’ use, or try to use, their ‘radio voice’.  It disgusts me to think that because I’m tuned into the rock station that I’m a beer guzzling Man who likes cars, beer, and rock & roll and my voice is low and ‘manly’.  I’m there to hear music, not be typecast into the role the station dreams up.  Don’t forget pop stations who use the ditsy/sexy girl voice because only ‘young attractive women listen to that station, and they are probably stupid because most girls are’.  I’m betting most of the female radio personalities are not all that attractive anyway.  Ever heard of a face made for radio?

I’ll stop there for now.  But don’t worry, I have so much more to complain about.  I’ll also look into some ways that I can improve the situation.  A proactive approach rather than the prescriptive.

Now for some good Radio in your Head



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