Temperature Extremists

Good day all,
Today I’m ranting and raving.  I’m in a carpool to get to school in the mornings and for the most part it goes pretty awesome.  Who can’t love saving the environment and creating a social network with people who are generally interested in the same things as myself?

My big problem is, and this hasn’t just begun, those crazy nuts who have to go to extremes with all the dials and knobs in the car.  Its probably because I was raised by a man with a steely self control that this bothers me.  The prime example of a knobby extremist is the ol’ temperature dial.  Those freaks who can’t get it through their heads that the human body does indeed react to 2 degree changes in temperature.  In fact if our bodies lower their temperature by 1-2 degrees we begin to enter the first stage of hypothermia.  If we drop 4 degrees we’re on our way to death! (A terribly unfortunate fact is that at this stage of hypothermia the brain takes longer to die than at normal body temperatures).  Same thing goes for the upwards direction in which case we will begin to melt from the inside.

So why do we go from the freezing winter cold into a car and crank the heater (which takes necessary hot air away from the engine) until we all begin to sweat?  Then once the sweat and heat becomes unbearable these nuts decide to either turn the heat WAY down, off, or in the worst case scenario, open a window.  Then everyone in the car feels a refreshing burst of air for about 1 minute and then begin shivering.
There are two options from this point:
1. Set the knob at a reasonable level and wait for your body to adjust.  Some reasonable changes can be made to keep you comfortable.
2. Keep on cranking the heat on, then turning it off, then turning it on, then turning it off. 

This is what happens if you mess with the dials

If you are in the car with me, make sure to choose option 1 or I’ll snap.

SnowDove, ArmsUp

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