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Happy Monday Ladies and Gents!

Here is what we have been up to since last Monday:

1. Starlab studios was an awesome experience. We spent probably 10-12 hard working hours recording and mixing the track.  Vampire is capturing the essence of insanity that we had intended, and so far is making it through the critical listening of the band.
2. On Tuesday we went to the new Indigo to check out some reading materials.  I didn’t find any cute ladies this time but I did get a wonderful new bib on the Beatles, Voyno found an awesome Bob Dylan biblio that I want to read, and the band purchased the latest edition of Spin Magazine.
3. The band has also finally obtained a turntable to listen to our wonderful pop-disks.  We also took some time to check out the vinyl diner this weekend but we didn’t buy anything to beef up the collection.  Its coming along though.
4. Last Wednesday was Voyno’s birthday.  I didn’t know until we went out for supper on Friday.  He then went to see the new James Bond flick.  He loves it but will tell you the entire plot in a second if you talk to him about it so don’t ruin it for yourself.

5.  Make sure to check out Heavy’s Blog as its full of great musical tips.

Here is a little music to get you into the James Bond mood:

SnowDove, ArmsUp


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