Communist shirts

Hail all comrades,

So I’ve been noticing lately that a whole lot of people are wearing communist t-shirts. What is the deal with that?  Last time I checked communism wasn’t really working all that well, nor has it in the past.  Yet people are still throwing on red shirts covered in the hammer and sickle, Stalin, Lenin, or chairman Mao.  If you put a shirt with Hitler on it (yes I’m using the Hitler argument, though it is legitimate in this situation) then everyone would hate you.  How come these people put on shirts with equally terrible killers and nobody is worried about it.  Is it cool to like communism in some sort of counter culture way? I mean nobody really supports real communism now so why put on a shirt about the topic.

  Furthermore, while looking up some shirt examples to post on the blog I found a great comment on how these shirts are made.  Supporting your communism with sweatshop labour in an entirely capitalist way seems a wee bit hypocritical if you ask me. 

  I will make one exception for The communist party t-shirt:



p.s. I love threadless


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One response to “Communist shirts

  1. When you’re saying it like this…
    You defenetly have a point.
    btw- Threadless t-shirt example is a great t-shirt and it’s one of the threadless best sellers!

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