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Happy Day Before Remembrance Day, here is what we’ve been up to:
  1. Ef’s studio opening was a great success.  Voyno and myself attended the evening dressed in the height of fashion.  Who else was there? T.V. was there and I enjoy being in the spotlight, who doesn’t?  Especially rock stars.
  2. Heavy was away this weekend enjoying a much needed vacation.  The only problem is, that without that guy round we were a bit low on the jamming moral.
  3. The Vampire demo is done and sent to the studio.  It went through 6 or 7 versions but we’re happy with what we’ve got now.  It is soon to be recorded at Ef’s studio, Starlab, as mentioned above, and then soon to be heard by you.
  4. Speaking of recordings that we’ve worked on for a long time, Anna Please is now up on Myspace…I hope: Give it a listen online. Too many perfectionists.
  5. I spent much of the weekend practicing trumpet for Remembrance day ceremonies.  There are only 5 notes to play but when your on your oddy-knocky up there playing a serious piece of music you can’t be making mistakes.  Especially on the last post.  Wish me luck.
SnowDove, ArmsUp

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