Arms Up @ Starlab Recording

Yo Friends just an update on whats going on in November for Arms Up.

Thursday the 13th we are heading to Starlab Recording with Efren Pererra and recording Vampire Campfire. The band has worked tremendously hard to get Vampire Campfire into much more then just another single. The song has become a 2 minute and 30 second opus. With an entirely new and amazing bridge and a ending that will have people talking. We’re very proud of it to say the least.

Also Anna Please is up!

Head to our myspace to hear it. The song will not be available for download quite yet. We’ll let you know when that time comes.

Also we’ve been hanging out with our good friends The Rebellion. They just released their brand new album. It’s so good it will have the Muse running for the hills. Check out their myspace and pick up their album.

That’s all for now friends,



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  1. Heavy

    For all the environmentally conscious people out there, Starlab Recording is a solar powered recording studio. I believe it is the first of it’s kinds in the country and maybe in the world.

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