Viva la Cuba!

A good day to all,

This day I’m going to tell ya’ll bout my new bib.  The one that was mentioned in ‘Do you need any help?’

Fidel Castro: My Life is an extended interview with the man who ran cuba for over 40 years.  Ignacio Ramonet is the interviewer and writer and as far as I can tell from the introduction a fantastic one at that.  I had to step up my reading chops to keep up with this.  That might be because I’ve been reading simple paperback fiction books for the last while or maybe all of the grade 12 history papers.  Either way this book expects a good reader

As far as I’ve read it seems the book is going to be fairly evenly distributed.  My first thought of an ‘autobiographical’ type book of Fidel Castro was that I would get the idealistic praise and wonderful thoughts of a man who isn’t by any means a saint.  But as I have seen I was quite wrong.  First of all there is no skirting around the bushes.  They have come out and said that Cuba isn’t a perfect place and that many human rights are ignored there.  They point out how terrible the U.S.A. has been towards the country but don’t use it as an excuse to take freedoms from people.

That’s all I’ll go on right now.  The next post will be sillier and more SnowDove that this one.

SnowDove, ArmsUp


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