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Hey hey friends,
So some quick news as promised:
1.  ArmsUp hit up Louis’ Pub this past weekend to check out The Rebellion’s Cd release party.  A great party indeed, the boys played quite well.  Check out their myspace at and buy the album.  A big thanks from us to The Rebellion for the rock-star treatment we got all night at the bar.
2.  This weekend we decided to take a break from our recording of the Vampire Campfire demo (which is on version 6 right now) to try something we should have done long ago.  Beatles’ covers.  First up on our list “I Am The Walrus”.  Soon we’ll have them all learned.
3.  I didn’t mention this with the costume post, but our contest for costume ideas is over (since Halloween is over and we’d look quite silly in costumes all the time).  The winner is…Maripaz Briones from Santiago, Chile who suggested we dress up like our most eclectic member Handy Andy.  She will be getting a free ArmsUp shirt as soon as the mail ship leaves.  Pictures of us will follow soon afterwards.
4. Congratulations to the new president of the United States.  Let’s see where the next four years lead us
SnowDove, ArmsUp

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