Who will you choose?

Who will you choose?

Hi Hi Hi my Droogies,

The U.S. election is today and the future of the world’s greatest superpower is up in the air.  Now I’m not American and I can’t make an official decision on this one but for those of you who are…VOTE.  The fact that we in Canada and the U.S.A have the chance to vote is an amazing feature and privelege.  I can’t imagine living in a country where the government doesn’t ask the opinion of it’s people.  The problem is that most young people can’t imagine it and because of that they think its fine to leave voting to others.

Just remember when you are sold into slavery, have no food, or you are convicted of a crime with no trial because the leaders of the country need to kill a scapegoat that I suggested taking 20 minutes out of your day to put an X on the ballot.  Of without being so dramatic, remember when you are complaining about how the president is dealing with the economy how you didn’t help to get the other guy in.

SnowDove, ArmsUp


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